Music Club

Contact : Tristan Youngs (
Location : R58 Music Room
Sign up fee : £1/month

The RAL Music Club

The RAL Music Club provides facilities, equipment and instruments for its members to use. Membership costs £1/month and you must be a member of the Music Club in order to use the music room or borrow any of the instruments or gear. Membership entitles you to use the music room in R58 for practice or lessons at any time during the week or weekend.

The club periodically holds live music/open mic nights in the RecSoc lounge where club members can perform to other music club members and campus staff alike, and the RecSoc occasionally arranges larger events which club members can perform at. We also maintain a list of members, so can easily put you in contact with other musicians on site if you want to join a band or just meet up to practice together.

For general enquiries, please email the chairman Tristan Youngs, the secretary Ronnie Brumfitt, or the treasurer Dan Beckett as appropriate.

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