Brief History

The Recreational Society was formed in the early 1970s and was given R58 as its base at the start of the 80s, shortly after the Rutherford and Appleton Laboratories were merged. Originally set up as a Departmental Association of the Civil Service Sports Council the Society members voted in 2007 to end Departmental Association in favour of Affiliation status, which increased our direct funding from STFC whilst maintaining the CSSC benefits members were eligible for.

This change of status and increased funding, along with STFC management support, has enabled us to provide and improve our local recreational facilities and equipment, support our members with the formation of new clubs and activities, and organise events for members, their families and friends, and the local community. At the same time we have strengthened our association with the Oxford Area CSSC with a number of our members involved on the area committee, which has also introduced a new social scene that we hadn’t had access to in the past.

Since its formation the Society and its facilities have grown with major changes occurring in the mid-1980s when the R58 lounge was expanded; in 1996 when the current Society Rules were formalised; in 2006 when, after the old sports field had been consumed by Diamond, the new sports field was created; in 2007 when the old R58 changing rooms were demolished and the new R85 Amenities building was opened; in 2008 when the lounge was renovated; in 2010 when the new tennis courts in the South carpark were opened; in 2011 when Affiliate Membership was introduced for Diamond and ESA staff; and this year, 2018, with the new lounge and bar refurbishment.

Over the years the Society has been managed by Committee Officers, as listed below, who have been supported by a multitude of Committee Members far too numerous to list. Unfortunately records from before 1995 are not available but previous Chairmen were Mr Tudor Morgan (1990s), Mr Peter Craske (1980s) and Mr Eric Thomas (1970s).

Year Chair Vice-Chair Secretary Treasurer
1995-2000 Mr Tony Peters Mr Andy Napper Mr Geoff Thomas Mr Brian Wyborn
2000-2007 Mrs Anne Shrimpton Mr Andy Napper Mr Geoff Thomas Mr Brian Wyborn, Dr Kevin Smith, Mr Mathew Burton
2007-2008 Miss Donna Liggins Mr Martin Rudman Mr Kevin Lewis Mr Mathew Burton
2008-2013 Mr Martin Rudman Mr Mike Courthold Mr Kevin Lewis, Mr Stewart Greenall Mr Duncan Russell, Mr Joe Moxon
2013-2018 Mr Paul Sedwards Mr Mike Courthold, Mr Ronnie Brumfitt Mr Stewart Greenall, Mr Ronnie Brumfitt Mr Joe Moxon